Sieveking Omega Headphone Stand


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Sieveking Omega stands are ideal for discerning headphone owners who love to show off their headphones.

  • The Omega is completely Made in Germany and constructed from a single piece and then coated with a lacquer that is certified for use with children's toys. It is delivered within a pouch of undyed flannel. This pouch is suitable as light and dust protection for the Omega and the headphones resting on it.

    The Omega's design has been granted a design trademark by the European Union already. The stand is ideal for any serious listener who does not want to see his headphones discarded in some corner but is proud to show his love for music.

    The flat surfaces of the Omega mean even pressure to the earpads and thus will prolong your listening pleasure as they keep their shape much longer. The Omega is large enough to support very large headphones like a Sennheiser HD 800 or the round models by Stax as well.

    Please be aware that wood is a living material that will darken when exposed to sunlight.


    It is said that in China making a copy of a product is a form of compliment. While it may be true that only good products warrant copying it turns out that the people buying the copy are less inclined to compliment the product quality.

    We have received complaints regarding product quality from several customers who have purchased a "Sieveking Sound Omega" headphone stand in Hong Kong from companies like "HiEndKing". These customers bought in Hong Kong because they felt they would make a bargain that way and ended up getting a wobbly piece of junk with rough surfaces and the smell of chemical solvent. The units are so unstable the manufacturer has used felt stickers to keep them from rocking. Not something you would want to put your prized headphones on.

    • Made In Germany
    • Perfectly shaped to not stretch your headphone headband.
    • Wide and perfectly flat sides put even pressure on the earpads.
    • Large enough to support very large headphones
    • Undyed flannel protective pouch to cover your stand and headphones

  • Design: Omega

    Construction: Single Piece and Lacquered.