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  • Designed as a complete acoustic solution for small rooms up to 6 square meters.
  • Includes 4 Mega Fuser Bass Traps and 8 Pulsar absorption panels.
  • Mega Fuser Bass Traps are optimized for treating low frequencies and complement other acoustic products well.
  • Pulsar panels offer excellent absorption and diffusion for low and medium frequency sound.
Vicoustic Mix Kit Pulsar
Dimensions (L×H×W) Mega Fuser Bass Trap:
600×300×260mm / 23.6"×11.8"×10.2"
Pulsar Panel:
595×595×57mm / 23.4"×23.4"×2.2"
Scratch Resistance No
Washable No
Functionality Absorption, Bass Trap
Absorption Frequency Range Low and Medium Frequencies
NRC 0.60 (Pulsar Panel)
Fire Rate
Europe Euroclass F
  • Units/Box: 4 Mega Fuser Bass Traps and 8 Pulsar Panels
  • Box Dimensions (L×H×W): 630×630×620mm / 24.8"×24.8"×24.4"
  • Box Gross Weight: 7.6kg

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