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STAX SRE-925S 2.5M Extension Cable
STAX SRE-725H 2.5m Extension Cable
STAX SRM-700T Electrostatic DriverSTAX SRM-700T Electrostatic Driver
STAX SRM-700S Electrostatic DriverSTAX SRM-700S Electrostatic Driver
STAX SRM-400S Electrostatic DriverSTAX SRM-400S Electrostatic Driver
STAX SR-L700MK2 Electrostatic HeadphonesSTAX SR-L700MK2 Electrostatic Headphones
STAX SRM-500T Vacuum Tube Driver UnitSTAX SRM-500T Vacuum Tube Driver Unit
STAX EP-507 Replacement Leather Earpad
STAX EP-007 Replacement Earpads
STAX SRE-750H 5m Extension Cable
STAX SRE-950S 5M Extension Cable
STAX SR-L500 MK2 Electrostatic HeadphonesSTAX SR-L500 MK2 Electrostatic Headphones

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Introducing Stax

The Japanese brand Stax is generally known for one thing: headphones. Specifically, electrostatic headphones.

Most headphones use dynamic drivers and some use planar magnetic drivers. For both, the current is driven through a coil within a magnetic field, thus causing the coil and an attached diaphragm to move. Electrostatic drivers place an extraordinarily thin diaphragm within a high-voltage electrostatic field, and then alter its voltage, causing it to move.

The responsiveness of this system has been almost legendary, and Stax has been producing electrostatic headphones for more than sixty years. It knows its stuff.