Campfire Audio (By ALO Audio) Nova CK In Ear Monitors - DEMO

ALO Audio

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The Nova CK builds off the Orion model by refining and expanding on the foundation of the Orion.


  • With its dual full range driver complement it delivers a full rich audiophile loving sound that leaves no portion of the frequency response un touched.

  • 100% CNC billet aluminum shell New Litz Wire IEM Cable When combined these drivers produce a sound that is both fun and relaxed. It brings out the best in your favorite tracks, from EDM to jazz classics. The bass strings pluck and the drum machine snares pop. A clear and broad soundstage is reproduced with great accuracy. Musical detail and imaging are great. The Nova is nothing short of an excellent earphone.

  • Transducer: Dual Balanced Armature Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 20 kHz Sensitivity: 114dB