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  • Pure balance amplifier
  • Two-stage amplification structure
  • Designed to lower impedance
  • Power circuit of the DC ignition
  • Large-capacity power transformer and capacitor
  • High sound quality quadruple volume unit

Frequency Response

DC-100 KHz / +0, -1.5 dB SR-007 or SR-404 Signature, when using 1 unit

Rated input level 200 mV / 100 V Outputs

Maximum input level

30 V r.m.s. / at Minimum volume


54 dB (x 500)

Total harmonic distortion

0.01% / 1 KHz, 100 V r.m.s. Output SR-007 or SR-404 Signature, when using 1 unit

Input impedance

50 KΩ / XLR balance 50KΩ×2

Number of inputs RCA×2, XLR×1 (balanced)
Maximum output voltage 340 V r.m.s. / 1 KHz
Standard bias voltage DC 580 V
Power voltage 120-240V-±10%, 50 to 60 Hz (adjusted for your area)
Power consumption 55V
Temperature range for use Between 0º and 35ºC, max. 90% (no condensation)
Weight 4.7 Kg
Vacuum tubes 6FQ7/6CG7 type x 4


Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier (12 Months)
Tubes (90 Days)

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